Blood Test Seems False? Call DUI Lawyers

Question: Chelsea had a blood test when she was arrested for DUI. She insists that she had but a few drinks but her test came back close to .15%. She plans to fight the test. What are the chances of success with fighting a blood test?


Answer. IfChelsea consults with Ontario DUI Lawyers she will be surprised to find out there are a lot of ways to challenge a BAC blood test. There are many misconceptions about the blood test for blood alcohol content. DUI lawyers across the state have found more than 20 ways to challenge a blood test successfully. There are strict conditions set for the police and medical personnel when it comes ensuring the accuracy of blood test results. Some of these include, having a certified blood technician or phlebotomist draw the blood, sanitizing the draw site with a non-alcohol sanitizer, and keeping the right amount of anticoagulants and preservatives in the blood sample. Even more room for tainting the evidence happens with every person touching the sample does not keep accurate written records about how the sample was handled. Those are just a few of the procedures that need to be adhered to in order to prevent the contamination and ensure the preservation of the blood sample. Consult with a DUI attorney immediately and they can investigate the best possible way to challenge your blood test and hopefully dismiss or reduce your DUI charges.



Several former clients at the Law Office of Richard McGuire came to us believing a blood test above .08% means there is no hope, but have been able to receive favorable judgments once retaining our firm for counsel. The number one job of DUI Lawyers across the state is to prepare a defense for their clients by challenging the evidence that will be used against them. That means all evidence, especially the BAC test whether it is breath, urine, blood or any combination of the three.

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