How Recording Connection Audio Institute Changed My Life

It is not easy to enter a music entertainment business. It takes a lot of dedication, skills, and of course, connection to people in the music industry. It wouldn’t work if one only possesses skills. I had an experience where I applied for a job in a recording studio. I was so adamant about my skills and knowledge of the music that I almost thought that I had passed the initial screening, but in the end I didn’t. An entrant who went in after me was chosen instead. He was an apprentice of the screening officer during their college days. That’s when I decided to start improving my PR and enrolled in Recording Connection Audio Institute founded by Jimi Petulla. The course was simple. All I had to do was to choose on what career path I would take, which in my case was music recording, and proceed with the apprenticeship on some major recording studios. I was lucky enough to land on a reputable recording company and from there my career progressed. I could not tell how happy I am right now for the fact that I was now a part of the recording company where I work as an apprentice myself. We have our company listed on the institute’s website and currently take part in its development. To be exact, the company is even hiring possible and deserving young professionals who are willing to be trained and be a part of the team and I just might have a shot at it.

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