Response to an application in a film school set my mood

It has been raining the whole day and normally, this kind of weather would wipe the smile off my face and the shine in my eyes. I would really feel so down and sad when it rains. Sometimes, even if it does not but the weather would be not that sunny, I would still feel sad. I noticed that since I was in grade school and funny but I can’t even remember the reason why or how it came to be. I just know that the sad feeling is there. But today, even if the rain has been pouring the whole day, it failed to ruin my mood and wipe the grin off my face. I just feel so excited that even the gloomy weather was not able to have that usual effect on me. I can’t take away my mind off the thought that my application film school got approved and I feel so happy and excited about it. Knowing that it is not just an ordinary film school but the Film Connection itself, the best film school ever, added to the excitement. The moment I got the letter from the school informing me that  they have approved my application and that I will be admitted anytime I wish, I wasn’t able to help myself but I literally jumped up and down from where I was standing. I was with my friends that time and they looked at me in confusion while I hugged them tightly one by one.

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