Sharing old tales for old time fun and learning

<p>Sharing old tales makes for old time fun and learning in many instances. For instance, when my grandpa was trying to teach my young son about learning how to shave, he mentioned&nbsp;old fashioned shave tactics and techniques in an old tale from his own childhood.&nbsp;</p> <p>Gramps told about how he used some change he had saved up from doing odd jobs to go to the local corner store and buy some&nbsp;old fashion shaving cream, a brush and razor.&nbsp;</p> <p>Then he rushed home and up into his tree house to practice in private. He put some&nbsp;old fashioned shave cream on a peach and learned how to shave the hair off the fruit with the razor until he became good enough to try the tool on his face. Then once he mastered the fruit shaving, he eventually mastered shaving his face. It was a lovely tale and an inspiring one for my son. So my son used some of his own allowance to get some shaving cream and a razor plus some store bought fresh peaches. And he practised shaving in his room after school. Before long, he, too, mastered the craft and became a shaving pro. Then he applied the technique to his face and learned just as his grandpa had. So I have a feeling this little story will be passed &nbsp;down to his son some day. In the meantime, I am blogging about it in case it can help other people, too. SO please feel free to share this tale.</p> <p>&nbsp;old fashioned shave,old fashion shaving,old fashioned shave cream</p>

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