Wrongful Termination: Failure to Accomodate Disabled Employee

Barry was working at an auto shop as a sales associate and had been employed for eight years. He had recently hurt his back while some heavy inventory boxes but continued to work because his manager, Vince, would not allow him to go home. When Barry finally sought medical attention, the doctor placed him on work restriction until his back strain healed. Tasks such as mopping and lifting were very painful for Barry and risked re-injury. Vince, however, did not sympathize with Barry and felt that he was exaggerating his injury despite the doctor’s note. He forced Barry to mop the floors and continue regular work duties as if Barry had not sustained any injury. Consequently, Barry re-injured his back and needed to take an extended leave of absence for rehabilitation. During his leave, Vince scheduled a mandatory employee meeting and neglected to inform Barry. His absence was noted and Vince used the meeting as grounds to fire Barry. In addition to scheduling the meeting during Barry’s medical leave, Vince did not even inform Barry of his termination and Barry found out because his insurance was cancelled. Unable to pay for the physical therapy sessions and support his family, Barry sought out a wrongful termination Orange County. Further investigation put a file together that illustrated the company’s unlawful practice. Barry was able to collect damages on several accounts. If you, or someone you know, have sustained an injury and were not adequately accommodated, please call SCMC Employment Law for a free consultation. You may be entitled to collect damages. 

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